Are you tackling your basket abandonment issues?

If you have an e-commerce website you need to be aware of the lost sales opportunities that basket abandonment causes. You know, when people add things to their basket but then click away before completing the purchase.

It’s a big issue and this infographic by my friends at dotmailer explains why…

Basket abandonment
Click to see full size

So, what can you do about it? Set up an automated email programme that brings people back to your site to complete the purchase. You need an email service provider/marketing automation platform and an integrated CRM system ideally but you really need those things anyway to best serve your customers interests.

I’m busy working on an a whole series of automated email programmes at the moment and will let you know how it goes…

Who owns your LinkedIn content?

If you’re a LinkedIn user read on, you might be pleasantly surprised…


You own your content and LinkedIn confirmed this in a recent email sent out to all users. It was rather a nice surprise when I got the email; normally it’s bad news when you get a service announcement from a social media platform. But not this time!

LinkedIn wanted to let us know that they’ve updated their user agreement but also wanted to reassure users of the following:

  • You control if you’re content is shown in third party advertising
  • You decide when your content is deleted – if you delete it, it really is deleted
  • You own the rights to what you post on LinkedIn so you can share it and reuse it wherever you want

In addition they’ve added some new control tools for users and updated their privacy policy. But why not read their blog to find out more»

Thanks LinkedIn 🙂