I provide advice, guidance and practical hands-on help with:

  • Digital marketing strategy

    Developing & implementing strategies for integrating online systems and utilising customer data for increased revenue creation

  • Email marketing

    Developing & implementing email marketing programs inline with best industry practices

  • Data protection compliance

    Data protection audits, data cleansing, policy reviews and best practice guidance in accordance with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Online advertising

    Both display and pay per click advertising with measurable results

  • Social media for business

    Understanding what platforms work best for your business, the sourcing of content/news and the management of it

  • Website development/content & SEO

    Project management, content production/updating, SEO and more all within best practice guidelines

  • CRM development & data management

    Developing & implementing plans to make the most of your customer data

  • And more…

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